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Workers Compensation

A healthy business needs healthy employees

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers employees following work-related injuries or illnesses. In addition to providing the Workers’ Comp coverage required under state law, THREE provides your business with liability, property, and auto coverage — all in a single policy.

Protection for your business and its employees

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Business owners need workers’ compensation insurance to protect both your business and your employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ Compensation provides medical and financial assistance to employees who are injured or become ill while preforming their job and protects the business against financial losses.

Workers’ Compensation coverage is required by most states and can also be extended to include owners and officers. Most policies cover:

Medical Expenses

Surgeries, treatment, and rehabilitation

Lost Wages

Allows recovery time after an illness or injury before an employee has to return to work

Death/Survivor Benefits

Supports families by assisting with funeral costs, income compensation

Potential gaps in protection

Employees can also expose businesses to risks beyond just injuries, such as fraud, claims of harassment and discrimination, or theft.

Small businesses often must purchase separate policies to protect against situations such as:

An employee is being harassed by a coworker

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

A job applicant alleges discrimination when not hired

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

An employee claims their boss created a hostile workplace

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Your bookkeeper is paying fictitious vendors

Employee Theft and Dishonesty

One of your workers steals from a client

Employee Theft and Dishonesty

A sales rep is misusing the company credit card when traveling

Employee Theft and Dishonesty

THREE is different.
One policy, one bill, one call to file a claim.

Coverage with a typical Workers' Compensation policy

Coverage with THREE’s comprehensive policy

All the coverage your business needs, all in one comprehensive policy.

Instead of selling different types of policies to cover different parts of your business, we offer one policy to cover your entire business - your operations, your people and your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accountants need coverage for accidental errors and omissions, wine bars need coverage for liquor liability, and truckers need coverage for their cargo. Every small business has different needs. THREE provides broad coverage to address the typical needs of small businesses across a wide variety of industries. Other providers offer a countless assortment of supplemental policies and optional coverages or endorsements which, even if inexpensive, still need to be added. If you don’t pick the right ones, your business won’t have the coverage it should. We believe the coverage your business needs should be included, not hidden away in optional endorsements you need to request. If for any reason you think your needs may not be covered by our policy, call us at 1-800-507-4495 to speak with a Small Business Advisor.

THREE has created insurance that is clear and straightforward. Our policy is also completely new, which makes it hard to compare against the standard jumble of jargon-filled policies from other providers. That’s why our Small Business Advisors have been trained to decipher and compare insurance policies. Just gather your current policies and call 1-800-507-4495. We’ll help you compare and see the big picture. In most cases, the biggest difference is that THREE covers you for a far broader array of risks — real risks that affect your business – than your existing policies. This broader coverage means better protection and value for your business.

Insurance companies are conservative by nature. Most are not looking to rock the boat or try something new (unlike many small businesses), so they keep selling the same kind of insurance the same way they did 50 years ago. Berkshire Hathaway decided it was time for a change to better meet the needs of today’s small businesses.

Depending on the complexity of your business and the number of vehicles and locations you have, it should take about 15 minutes to get your quote over the phone. We don’t need to complete the quote process all at once, we can always save your information and pick up where you left off at a later time.

What are our customers saying?

­Really making a difference

This has been a long journey and a big risk to start my dream and with the help of your team, I am making my dream come true! Thank you guys so much for your help and being so nice and making this an experience I'll never forget. Thank you

5 star rating

James S.

Very reasonable and easy to deal with

Filled out an application online and ended up calling to speak with a representative and had a very positive experience with the rep I spoke with. I chose to get liability insurance and workers comp all at a very affordable rate and within 10 minutes. all in all honestly a great experience. thank you

5 star rating

Timothy Q.

So Easy

I needed a quote and a policy FAST. I had to move locations and needed a new policy ASAP. I was closed and would not be able to open back up without a active policy. Mike called me and walked through the estimate, taking the time to explain anything I had questions about and also found me some savings. I had a policy up and running the next day!!

5 star rating

Mark M.

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