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Whereas some businesses can adequately protect themselves with security cameras, strong locks or encrypted passwords, your business is flying down the highway at 65 mph. From accidents to injuries to theft, risk may be an unavoidable part of the transportation business, but it doesn’t need to limit how far you can go.

THREE was created not just to help keep your business moving forward but to let you take it in new directions. So, if you decide to expand your limousine service to offer luxury tours, start renting your trucks out on weekends, tackle the flip side of your delivery business by offering clean-out services or just about anything else you can think of, give us a quick call and we’ll just update your account.

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No matter how great an idea or perfect a plan, so much remains out of your control. That’s why THREE was designed to provide the kind of comprehensive coverage necessary to protect your operations, your people and your property, so you can keep your business going and growing.  

Your Operations

You know all the best short cuts, you only hire drivers with clean records and you know that a simple complimentary bottle of water can go a long way. You dot your i’s and cross your t’s, but some things are just out of your control. 

Loose equipment and flying debris cause over 50,000 car crashes annually. 

Dropped Cargo

Last year we were delivering two truckloads of boxes. Not boxes filled with anything, just flat cardboard boxes, from the factory. Along the way one of the gates opened and a bundle of boxes fell out—strapped together those things are heavy. The car behind couldn’t stop in time, the boxes bounced off the hood and smashed the windshield. The driver broke his nose and hurt his neck.  


We’ve been doing pretty well lately, even added a new truck this year. I guess it’s true what they say about good word of mouth. But about 6 months ago I got hacked. My customers’ contact information, billing information, it was all taken. Or at least compromised. Who knows what they got or what they’re going to do.  


In this business you never know what you’re going to be hauling. Last winter we were moving a load of Lucky Cats—those waving cats you always see in Chinese restaurants. Anyway, it was kind of wet and slushy, and the truck jackknifed. Then a bread truck slammed into it. The road was littered with mangled metal, shattered glass and about 2,000 broken cats. Not exactly lucky.  

Your People

Someday self-driving cars may revolutionize the transportation industry, but for now, you still run on people power. Which means you need your people healthy. Usually when you hear about an injured driver your mind goes straight to accident, but in this industry, drivers are more likely to be hurt helping a passenger or loading or unloading goods. 

The trucking industry has among the highest rates for workers’ compensation claims.


Dave was picking up one of our regular passengers, Mr. Whitman, he’s in a wheelchair, when the ramp got stuck—maybe 5 inches off the ground. It just wouldn’t go all the way down. So Dave tries to lean and lift and finagle Mr. Whitman’s chair onto the ramp. He managed to do it, but not without throwing out his back.  


I have a contract with this tile company. A few weeks ago we were delivering a ton (literally) of glass tile to one of their stores. While we were unloading, one of the boxes started to slip. Steve lunged to try to catch it, but—have you ever tried to catch a box of tile with one hand? Exactly. He broke his arm. 


I’m big on safety. I take care of my trucks and always tell my drivers that it’s better to update their ETA than be DOA. Last year John was coming down with the fluHnodded off. Went off the road and flipped on his side. He was banged up pretty bad and couldn’t drive for 6 weeks. 

Your Property

Your business depends on getting people and things from point A to point B. But when you’re down a vehicle you are at a huge disadvantage. Sometimes that might mean a delay, but more often than not it means a loss of business. Let’s face it, your clients don’t care if you’re dealing with an accident, theft, or maintenance issue.  

Cargo theft accounts for $15 to $30 billion in merchandise loss each a year.


When the police called and said they found my bus I couldn’t believe it. They warned me it had been vandalized, but when I saw it, I really couldn’t believe it. I was expecting a broken windshield, maybe a few slashed seats, but it was painted top to bottom in the High School’s colors—inside and out.  


The fire inspector said it was most likely caused by a cigarette butt sparking in some grease. I’ve put up no smoking signs, filled a drawer with free gum and given written warnings, for all the good that did. We managed to get our cabs out, but my on-site mechanic shop is char and rubble.  


Once the mayor ordered the evacuation, I knew it was going to be bad. I’ve only got 5 trucks in my “fleet but all my drivers were busy packing up and driving their own cars out of town. I thought I’d be able to get back in time to rescue a second truck, but with the traffic, there was just no way.  


From transporting people by car to transporting cars by truck

Without the transportation business, most businesses would grind to a halt. Which is why we do everything in our power to make sure nothing slows you down. From quick claims processing to rental vehicles to legal counsel, we’re here for your business. 

THREE provides comprehensive coverage for:

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Small business coverage now.

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An ounce of prevention

The best way to protect your business is to educate your staff to help prevent risky situations to begin with. In addition to online training tools, THREE offers these convenient posters that you can print out and start using right now.  

Your Operations

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Reading Material Safety Data Sheets


Responding to a Chemical Spill


Lifting Awkward Loads


Your People

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Recognizing Medical Conditions


First Aid for a Choking Adult


First Aid for Heart Attack


The Hazards of Fatigue


Back Exercises - Making Your Back Work for You


Your Property

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The Golden Rule of Safe Driving


Driving in Bad Weather


Material Handling - Dollies and Hand Trucks


Working Safely on Loading Docks


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