Don’t worry, we’ve got your back

If your business is ever faced with a fire, flood, data breach or even a lawsuit, will you know who to call? Which of your insurers would you need to contact? With THREE, it’s never a question. When your business is covered by one comprehensive policy you always know who to call.

Filing A Claim With THREE

Step one

One phone call is all it takes to get started. After your first call, we will assign an account manager to handle the claim. The account manager will be your single point of contact throughout the claim process—no need to call different insurers.

Step two
Working with our account managers

Our expert account managers will gather information about what happened, discuss your coverage, and identify restorative actions. Whether the case involves an ongoing incident, such as a cyberattack or a concluded incident like a fire, our account managers will help secure necessary services during processing and beyond.

Step three
Service throughout

No business can afford to be out of commission. Our account managers will work with you to secure what you need to keep your business moving forward.

  • Facilities
  • Legal help
  • Services
  • Equipment

Step four
Claim updates, anytime

Waiting can be the hardest part. Our account managers will keep you informed about the progress of a claim every step of the way. And if you need a status update, you can still give them a call at any time.

Step five

We don’t believe in dragging our feet. Once we have determined that a claim is covered, we believe resolution should be fast, fair, reliable, and prompt. And you can take comfort in knowing your policy is backed by the financial strength and expertise of Berkshire Hathaway. If a claim requires payment to a repair service, lawyer, or other third party, we may pay them directly. If a claim requires payment to your business for a direct loss, we will send a check directly to you.

Regardless of whether your business is faced with theft, damage, or a liability concern, your first priority should be safety. If it’s an emergency or if a crime has been committed, call 911. As soon as you’re ready, call us at 1-800-507-4495.