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Insurance for Hospitality Businesses

Get comprehensive insurance for your hospitality business.

THREE by Berkshire Hathaway is designed to make insurance for your hospitality business simple. THREE Insurance understands the unique risks that come with hosting and entertaining travelers and making guests feel comfortable at all times. Since you can’t eliminate the risk of accepting guests, we’ll do our part to help keep things running smoothly. From quick claims processing to crisis management support and legal counsel - we’re here when you need us.

THREE’s policy for hospitality businesses protects your employees, property, and operations. Whether you decide to introduce a guest shuttle service to and from your hotel, start hosting a weekly happy hour at your inn, add a pool to your motel, or just about anything else you can think of, give us a quick call and we’ll update your coverage. No additional policies needed.

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All-in-one hospitality insurance coverage for hotels, inns, motels, and more

Red sign that says pool closed next to hotel pool

Fires in hotels & motels result in an average of $84 million in direct property damage each year.

Protect your Property

Property Insurance

Damage to physical property means more than just a costly repair for hospitality businesses. It can also mean a significant loss of revenue when a room, or entire floor can’t be opened to guests and for reservations. Property insurance will help to cover costs of repairs in the event of accidental fires, floods, and earthquakes.

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Distressed woman sitting at desk with system hacked message on computer monitor in front of her

of hospitality leaders believe that they don’t have the expertise needed to tackle cybersecurity issues.

Protect your Operations

Cyber Coverage

Your concierge clicks on an email thinking it is from a guest, and accidentally downloads spyware on your network. By the time you realize it, years of guest credit card and address information has been stolen. Cyber Liability Coverage is automatically included in THREE’s policy, and covers expenses of data breaches or other cyberattacks.

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Woman in hotel maid uniform fluffing pillow on freshly made bed

of injured employees in the hotel industry missed more than 31 days of work.

Protect your People

Workers’ Compensation

Assembling your dream team wasn’t easy. Your staff is kind, courteous, professional, (all the reviews say so!) and they keep your hotel business running smoothly. Keeping them happy and safe should be a top priority. That is why THREE’s Insurance policy for Hospitality businesses automatically includes Workers’ Compensation - to make sure your staff and you are protected in case of accidents and injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay bills associated with a work-related injury, including medical care and lost wages. It’s almost always required if you have employees.

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What are our customers saying?

Professional service at a fast response

Got an online quote but needed some additional coverage. Shortly after I sent off the request, I received a call from the Helpdesk. A very qualified agent answered all my questions, and I had a policy in a very short time. Professional all the way. Really enjoyed the experience.

5 star rating

David W.

THREE Insurance for ease & savings

Katie Jacobsen made the process to switch to Three very easy. She is a very knowledgeable, competent and dependable saleswoman. My questions and concerns were answered fully and quickly making my decision to change our business insurance an easy matter. Our small pub will be saving over $10,000 annually with this change…a welcome fact in today’s environment. We are so pleased that we discovered Three and feel confident with our decision to switch insurance carriers. Bundling our business, workers comp, auto and liquor liability policies makes accounting so much easier.

5 star rating

Ginny P.

Great service

Steven W. Was very helpful and got to the point while making sure I understood everything and answered every question I had. Awesome experience and customer service. Good insurance with a super low price would definitely recommend three to anyone.

5 star rating

Dustin J.

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All-in-one coverage for hospitality businesses

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