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Reviews from verified THREE customers

Rated a 4.6 out of 5

Easy, informative, just what I need

I quickly got a quote that was 40% less than one by a local broker. I asked several questions of Ken G. to make sure I was receiving the right coverage, He was responsive and conscientious, pointing me to the right resources. Everything was answered to my satisfaction.

5 star rating

Carol R. | 05/02/22

Great product and service

This was a great experience from start to finish. Every question was answered and policy and coverage were explained thoroughly. Pretty quick too! I will be recommending 3 to others.

5 star rating

Kelly S. | 04/25/22

Three Simplified my life

Perfect and simple and fast- that’s what Business Owners value. Three Insurance is solid in my book.

5 star rating

Jason G. | 04/30/22

Commercial insurance

Excellent service, both initially and the day after. Needed a COI, and customer service agent waited on the phone until I was prepared. Very patient with me, and I appreciated that.

5 star rating

Gary R. | 04/23/22

Awesome service

Excellent experience with Three I rarely make quick decisions but this one was a no brainer! Speaking with Michael j he was sincere and was really looking out for my best interest and made the process so easy. Very quick and easy process I couldn’t be happier. Thank you

5 star rating

Matt b. | 04/22/22

Small Business Insurance Policy

Hello my name is Willie J Hatchard I am confident to be signed up with Berkshire Hathaway .Agent Mike explained to me the policy I have and upgrades that can be easily made by phone or email.Thank you for making this process easy and affordable.

5 star rating

WILLIE H. | 04/14/22

The only thing I didn’t

The only thing I didn’t like is how high my insurance is and they wanted me to pay with a debit card which is to high to pay that way offer more ways to make a payment

5 star rating

Kevin C. | 06/15/22

Excellent experience and very helpful

Excellent experience and very helpful agents

5 star rating

Roderick L. | 06/14/22


Very good for my first time I am impressed, I am sure you aren't paying them enough.

5 star rating

Craig L. | 06/13/22

Mike had so much patient

Mike had so much patient he put the E” in Excellent A in Excellent A in Awesome I wish there was more people like mike that who goes over and above for other I wish I can ask for a Rise for him but I know I cannot but I can give you something to think about Sandra Binion

5 star rating

SANDRA B. | 06/11/22


My agent was very understanding, polite and knowledgeable.

5 star rating

Mary C. | 06/10/22

Reviewed all the services and

Reviewed all the services and assisted me in getting exactly what I needed at the pricing I needed as well.

5 star rating

Daniel K. | 06/10/22

Highly Recommended

Todd was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything in a very calm manners. He listened carefully. I would highly recommend this company snd Todd.

5 star rating

Angela J. | 06/09/22

Customer service was great and

Customer service was great and helpful!!

5 star rating

Mario V. | 06/08/22


Ken was great called when he said he would,zero BS like a list of other companies tried to get a qoute

5 star rating

RAPHAEL M. | 06/08/22

Doug C. Was Awesome!!

He was the best!! By far the hardest working guy in insurance

5 star rating

Joesph T. | 06/08/22

Easy quote and application

Contacted THREE and quote was very competitive if not the best. Quick process and straightforward. Highly recommend

5 star rating

Henk E. | 06/07/22

Great Help!

Bob W. was very helpful in explaining the policy to me and making sure I obtained the correct insurance for my new LLC

5 star rating

Tina P. | 06/07/22

I had an excellent experience.

I had an excellent experience. I would Recommend the agent I worked with. She was friendly and understood exactly what I needed.

5 star rating

LORISSA J. | 06/06/22


I found the service at ‘THREE’ to be excellent ‘every time I interacted with them’, my queries were answered ‘promptly’ ‘with ready answers’ ‘much to my satisfaction’.

5 star rating

Yashvantbhai P. | 06/03/22

For the first time getting

For the first time getting company insurance for the startup with my company was a great experience with the team at three by Berkshire Hathaway.

5 star rating

Joseph N. | 06/03/22



5 star rating

Clint F. | 06/02/22

Great service

Trevor helped greatly with my insurance needs. Thanks for the fast efficient service

5 star rating

Trevor E. | 06/02/22

Great job by Ken!

Great job by Ken!

5 star rating

MICHAEL R. | 06/02/22

Alex Groundsell Owner

Mike J was excellent patient and provided the necessary imformation to make a decision to purchase a policy from Three

5 star rating

ALEX G. | 06/02/22

5 Stars!

Zach was amazing!

5 star rating

Ali M. | 06/01/22

Happy to be a client.

Good experience, great rates for a small business.

5 star rating

Joel M. | 06/01/22

Wonderful costumer service

Wonderful costumer service

5 star rating

TYRELL W. | 05/29/22

THREE Business Coverage Rocks!

Insuring with THREE was an easy process for comprehensive coverage. I viewed your Instagram post several times, was delighted THREE was a Berkshire-Hathaway company and am delighted with the coverage.

5 star rating

Mark B. | 05/27/22

Great experience, easy to sign

Great experience, easy to sign up.

5 star rating

Caleb A. | 05/27/22

Terrific and Trustworthy.

Alain H was terrific. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. He took time to understand my business and it's needs and to explain my options and the company's goals. His enthusiasm for his customer service and his pride in his company was palpable. I am thrilled with the products I obtained and confident in Three as a reputable and reliable company.

5 star rating

Lisa L. | 05/27/22

Pleasant Experience

Each time I contacted them they were helpful and thorough.

5 star rating

Penny H. | 05/27/22

Good Job Alain H., We

Good Job Alain H., We are very happy and satisfied with our insurance, our company is safe with Three By Berkshire Hathaway.

5 star rating

Elder R. | 05/26/22


Quick and easy

5 star rating

Dawn L. | 05/26/22

Easy and fast coverage

It was so easy to get insurance. I got to talk to a real person. They ask some queston and i had all the answers. I got my coverage the same day. Doesnot get any better then that.

5 star rating

JOHN L. | 05/26/22

Great customer service

Great customer service

5 star rating

Jason W. | 05/26/22

Easy to understand covers almost

Easy to understand covers almost everything excluding roofs of course. Great price great people

5 star rating

Joseph F. | 05/26/22

Quick and Excellent service

Quick response and excellent rates

5 star rating

Stanley B. | 05/25/22

Very helpful and fast

Very helpful and fast

5 star rating

Edward L. | 05/25/22

You are great men and

You are great men and women.I appreciate for the job and service you did.Thank you

5 star rating

Jacob B. | 05/25/22

Quick, easy, instant

The application and selection of coverage was quick and easy. The rates are competitive and I had a policy in place in less than an hour.

5 star rating

Richard J. | 05/25/22

Spoke to two agents. Bob

Spoke to two agents. Bob D. and Brian H. Both were excellent.

5 star rating

Marci F. | 05/25/22

Great Experience for Small Business Owner

My agent Katie J. and support rep Daniel M. provided such great customer service. My business is very small and niche, but they put in the effort to help me get a insured. I am very pleased with their services.

5 star rating

MARINA Y. | 05/25/22

Best Value Small Business Insurance

This is wonderful and on point Small Business Insurance Product. It is a best value product.

5 star rating

Oraios W. | 05/25/22

Dale Smith

Easy to enroll. Doug was great to work with.

5 star rating

Michael H. | 05/25/22

Really like the way they

Really like the way they keep me up to date on every thing

5 star rating

Anvia S. | 05/25/22

Easy with Three

Tiffany Meckna is wonderful! She was patient and thorough! Answered questions via email and call. She even completed my quote and got my company set over the weekend. She could have waited for Monday but knew my other policy was expiring. I will recommend her to any one looking for workers comp insurance!

5 star rating

Adrinna C. | 05/25/22

Goodbye progressive.

Excellent customer service. So glad I left progressive. I saved so much money and have better coversfe

5 star rating

Hollis l. | 05/25/22

Brad j - I personally

Brad j - I personally had a great experience. Very easy, fair pricing and quick response. I will definitely refer to friends and business owners

5 star rating

Bradley J. | 05/25/22

Liability insurance

Katie Jacobson was awesome! she was very patient while I made up my mind on which way to go. She always called back when I asked her too.

5 star rating

Richard L. | 05/25/22


Great experience

5 star rating

John S. | 05/25/22


She was great on everything

5 star rating

Angel H. | 05/25/22

1st time business owner

Just signed up with THREE and my experience was quick and super easy. I just opened my spa and this company was the most helpful and affordable not to mention 3 is my lucky number so it couldn’t be more perfect. 💕

5 star rating

Rimanya K. | 05/25/22

Great experience

Agent was helpful and knowledgeable and the process was easy and straightforward.

5 star rating

Grayson L. | 05/25/22

Excellent service

Excellent service

5 star rating

Shawn H. | 05/25/22

Doing it right!

It was quick, comprehensive and easy to understand. Thank you

5 star rating

Steve D. | 05/01/22