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Commercial Property Insurance

Any business worth building is worth protecting.

Every business faces the risk of damage to their property, which is why most business owners buy Property Insurance. THREE protects your business from all kinds of property damage - fire, theft, and even flood. All in a single, straightforward policy.

Why do I need Commercial Property Insurance?

THREE’s Commercial Property Insurance protects businesses’ inventory, equipment, furniture, and brick-and-mortar structures. Even if you don’t own the building out of which your business operates, your landlord may require that you insure the property.

THREE's policy offers better protection than typical property insurance. Typical business insurance only protects your property if it is within a certain distance from your premises - often excluding damage from flood or employee theft. THREE’s straightforward coverage means your property is protected, no matter where it's located, and from all the natural elements.

Traditional Property Insurance covers:
city buildings graphic

Buildings and structures

A tree falls on your shop’s roof

city building with box truck next to it

Furniture, supplies, and inventory

Your warehouse or storeroom suffers damage from a fire for example

geometric shapes on paper with

Computers, tools, and equipment

You need to replace and repair damaged equipment

With a single comprehensive policy, THREE protects your business against a variety of risks to your business property.

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Potential Gaps in Protection

Protecting your entire business goes beyond what traditional property insurance covers. Business owners often need to purchase additional coverage for:

Flood & Water Damage

Helps cover the costs of repair, replacement, and restoration of property damaged by flooding.

Wind & Hail

Protects your buildings and property from damage caused by windstorms and hail.

Employee Theft & Dishonesty

Recovers the cost of stolen items and even theft by your employees.

Equipment Breakdown and Spoilage

Helps cover the cost of spoiled inventory, the cost to repair and replace damaged equipment, and lost income.


Helps cover the cost to restore and replace property damaged by fire

Inland Marine

Covers your business equipment and materials that are being shipped “inland” by automobiles, trucks, and trains.

THREE is different.
One policy, one bill, one call to file a claim.

Coverage with a typical Commercial Property policy

Coverage with THREE’s comprehensive policy

All the coverage your business needs, all in one comprehensive policy.

Instead of selling different types of policies to cover different parts of your business, we offer one policy to cover your entire business - your operations, your people and your property.

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What are our customers saying?

­Really making a difference

This has been a long journey and a big risk to start my dream and with the help of your team, I am making my dream come true! Thank you guys so much for your help and being so nice and making this an experience I'll never forget. Thank you

5 star rating

James S.

Very reasonable and easy to deal with

Filled out an application online and ended up calling to speak with a representative and had a very positive experience with the rep I spoke with. I chose to get liability insurance and workers comp all at a very affordable rate and within 10 minutes. all in all honestly a great experience. thank you

5 star rating

Timothy Q.

So Easy

I needed a quote and a policy FAST. I had to move locations and needed a new policy ASAP. I was closed and would not be able to open back up without a active policy. Mike called me and walked through the estimate, taking the time to explain anything I had questions about and also found me some savings. I had a policy up and running the next day!!

5 star rating

Mark M.

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THREE protects your entire business with one comprehensive policy. Ready to get started?

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