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General Liability

Business Liability coverage made for today’s small businesses

General Liability is the cornerstone of small business insurance. But it is just the beginning. THREE goes beyond traditional general liability insurance by providing broad protection against different types of liability demands. All in a single, straightforward policy.

The first step to protecting your business.

Often the first policy a new small business owner purchases is General Liability Insurance. It is the coverage you need in the event of accidents and injuries that put your business at fault.

General Liability coverage can help cover costs if you damage someone's property (property damage) or injure another person in an accident (bodily injury).

Traditional Insurance only covers:
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Bodily injury

You injure a third party in an accident and are responsible for their medical bills.

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Property Damage

You accidentally damage a someone’s property.

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Advertising injury

One of your employees bad mouths one of your competitors on social media, and now they want to sue your business.

With a single comprehensive policy, THREE protects your business against all these types of liability, and more.

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Potential gaps in protection

There are many situations where small businesses need more than a basic General Liability policy. Businesses often must purchase additional liability coverage for:

Phishing Attacks

Cyber Liability

An employee believes they have been wrongfully terminated and sues your business

Employee Practices Liability Insurance

A customer you served alcohol to gets into an accident on their way home

Liquor Liability

One of your employees provides inaccurate advice to a client

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance

One of your employees is being harassed by a senior manager

Employee Practices Liability Insurance

Your contractor fails to meet deadlines and makes numerous mistakes on a project

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance

THREE is different.
One policy, one bill, one call to file a claim.

Coverage with a typical General Liability policy

Coverage with THREE’s comprehensive policy

All the coverage your business needs, all in one comprehensive policy.

Instead of selling different types of policies to cover different parts of your business, we offer one policy to cover your entire business - your operations, your people and your property.

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What are our customers saying?

Professional service at a fast response

Got an online quote but needed some additional coverage. Shortly after I sent off the request, I received a call from the Helpdesk. A very qualified agent answered all my questions, and I had a policy in a very short time. Professional all the way. Really enjoyed the experience.

5 star rating

David W.

THREE Insurance for ease & savings

Katie Jacobsen made the process to switch to Three very easy. She is a very knowledgeable, competent and dependable saleswoman. My questions and concerns were answered fully and quickly making my decision to change our business insurance an easy matter. Our small pub will be saving over $10,000 annually with this change…a welcome fact in today’s environment. We are so pleased that we discovered Three and feel confident with our decision to switch insurance carriers. Bundling our business, workers comp, auto and liquor liability policies makes accounting so much easier.

5 star rating

Ginny P.

Great service

Steven W. Was very helpful and got to the point while making sure I understood everything and answered every question I had. Awesome experience and customer service. Good insurance with a super low price would definitely recommend three to anyone.

5 star rating

Dustin J.

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THREE protects your business against all types of liability, and more. Ready to get started?

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