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Residential Construction Insurance

Get comprehensive insurance for your construction business.

THREE by Berkshire Hathaway is designed to make insurance for your residential construction business simple. THREE understands the broad range of unique risks faced by professionals in the residential construction business. We have created a policy that protects your employees, property, and operations. Residential Construction projects can vary in size and scope. If you decide to start a handyman service, launch into real estate fixing and flipping, begin a home improvement blog, offer design service for home remodeling, or just about anything else you can think of, give us a quick call and we’ll update your coverage. No additional policies needed.

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All-in-one coverage for your residential insurance business.

Protect your People

Workers' Compensation

Construction sites can be dangerous. Your workers can fall through scaffolding while on a property restoration project, get electrocuted from contact with damaged wires, or get caught between heavy equipment like bulldozers. No matter how careful you and your people are, if you work in construction, accidents are part of your reality. THREE’s residential construction insurance policy automatically includes Workers’ Compensation - to make sure your employees are protected.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps cover medical expenses for injuries and illnesses that happen to your employees on the job, including medical care and lost wages. It’s almost always required if you have employees.

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Protect your Property

Property Coverage

Residential Construction is a risky industry where each project comes with a unique set of challenges. Missing deadlines because of damage to your property and/or equipment can cost you clients, a good reputation, and create long term financial problems.

THREE will help to cover costs of repairing and replacing your damaged tools and property in the event of fires, theft, and weather related damage. THREE’s property coverage not only provides protection against customer property damage if you’re accused of damaging a client’s property while conducting home repairs, but also provides Employee Theft coverage, which protects your business in the event that an employee steals from a client while on the job.

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Protect your Operations

Professional Liability and Errors & Omissions

If you fail to give a client proper advice about their home renovation, or incorrectly install appliances while remodeling their bathroom, you will need to defend your business from claims of negligence. Errors & Omissions Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Coverage, can help defend your business against lawsuits and pay the cost of settlements and judgements.

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Why do I need residential construction insurance?

One of your construction workers was hanging drywall on the first floor of a new residential development. He took a step back, tripped over some equipment and fell down the open stairwell into the basement. He broke an arm and two ribs and is out of commission for 6 weeks. Workers’ Compensation will help pay for medical bills from his surgery and lost wages while he rests and recovers.

You had a big project to redo a customer’s master bathroom. One of your construction managers installed the shower pan incorrectly, which led to a severe leak into the bedroom downstairs. You have to rip out a section of tile, fix the pan, and retile and repair all the damage to the ceiling and walls below. Errors like this one are expensive yet inevitable. Professional Liability insurance will help you defend your business when they occur.

One of your space heaters malfunctions and starts a fire in your workshop. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and your workshop are destroyed. You have to suspend your services until you can replace your items - making for missed deadlines and unhappy clients. Property insurance protects the physical items your business owns, and will help with replacement and repair costs.

One of your construction workers is driving to pick up some supplies. When pulling out of the parking lot, he collides with a car coming in the wrong direction. The van has to be towed away and your new construction supplies inside the vehicle are damaged. Commercial Auto insurance will help with towing reimbursements, accident liability, and collision damage.

What are our customers saying?

Very Good Company To Work With.

Tony Yarbough was very helpful in guiding me through the process to get me all the coverage I wanted. The insurance company was straight forward and very easy to understand. I think all insurance companies should be like this one. He was able to save me money on the cost of it as well. I recommend him when I can.

5 star rating

Pete M. | 11/09/22

An Affordable and Comprehensive Policy With Great Service

I had an excellent experience ordering a THREE policy. Starting the process online was quick and relatively simple. The service I received over the phone was straightforward and personable. I obtained a quote quickly and found it be affordable. I like that the policy covers everything that I need for my LLC and can be expanded as my needs grow. If you are looking for comprehensive and affordable coverage with great service from the company, I highly recommend giving THREE a call.

5 star rating

Ken L. | 10/26/22

You all made it easy! Thank you!

It truly was a great experience from finding the website, digging into it and customer service from the rep that helped me. With all the other insurance people who tried to over sensationalize by telling me I was going to be hard to insure and because of that it was going to be expensive. You guys knocked it out of the park and made a grueling process easy and affordable.

5 star rating

Scott C. | 10/31/22

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All-in-one coverage for residential construction insurance

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