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Our Story

Small business insurance, reset.

Imagine if there was one simple, comprehensive insurance policy for your small business. We did. And then we created it.

Why is small business insurance so complicated?

You have a business, you need insurance. It seems like a simple idea. But instead of a simple policy that provides the coverage you need, you’re left to cobble together an assortment of complex insurance policies from multiple providers.

Coverage from everywhere doesn’t mean coverage from everything.

Even with a full portfolio of policies, you’re likely to be left with dangerous gaps in coverage. What happens when you file a claim and find out you’re not actually covered? Who can you turn to for help?

We’ve hit reset on small business insurance.

THREE began with a simple idea: truly comprehensive insurance for small businesses. No gaps between policies, no lingering doubts. Just straightforward, easy-to-understand coverage for your business. With just one policy, it’s easy to work directly with your provider. And with one provider, you don’t need to worry about who’s responsible when a situation arises.

THREE by Berkshire Hathaway logo design grid

A solution built on three pillars.


A straightforward policy in plain English.

The only thing missing from THREE’s comprehensive policy is about 100 pages. After removing a mountain of legalese and skipping the doublespeak, you’re left with an easy-to-understand 3-page policy.



One inclusive policy to protect your whole business.

One policy designed to provide the coverage you need—from liability to workers’ compensation to flood and cyber—avoiding gaps between policies, overlaps in coverage, or multiple policies from multiple insurers.



Designed to cost 20% less than comparable coverage.

Priced for the specific risks of your business, you can now have the best coverage available without paying too much or for coverage you don’t need.


Where we came from

Warren Buffet smiling

We modeled THREE after Warren Buffett: Honest, principled, and easy-to-understand.

“Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.” Warren Buffett Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

Our roots are in small business.

Small business is in our DNA because we were one. Founded as a modest textile company, Berkshire Hathaway has grown exponentially over the years, due largely to its commitment to good management, simplicity, and financial soundness. Today with this same commitment at its core, Berkshire Hathaway is proud to bring THREE to small business owners.

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Today we’re the second-largest insurance underwriter in the country.

Berkshire Hathaway writes over $60 billion in insurance premiums a year across many different brands. Our decades of experience and unmatched financial stability make it possible for us to introduce a brand-new kind of small business insurance, THREE.

Old black and white shot of Berkshire Hathaway manufacturing company building All Historical Photos: Spinner Publications

THREE is a new addition to the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group.

THREE by Berkshire Hathaway
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Our Stats


S&P Rating

Fortune’s #1

World’s Most Admired Companies: P&C Insurance

$38 Billion

claims paid in 2019

170+ Countries

Served by Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Companies

Our promise: one policy, comprehensive coverage, and a fair price.

It sounds simple because it is. THREE is here to serve you and your business, with no middleman and as your business’s only insurer, we’ll protect you from loss, guide you through crisis, and be here when you need us.

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