The Policy

One Policy. Total Peace of Mind.

You don’t need a lawyer or a magnifying glass to make sense of our comprehensive insurance policy. Turns out, with no loopholes and nothing to hide, our jargon-free comprehensive policy is pretty straightforward. In fact, you can read it right now—it’s only 3 pages.

Comprehensive Coverage For Your Entire Business.

Whether you’re dealing with matters related to liability, business interruption, or cyber, THREE is here for you. With quick claim resolution and valuable support and resources, we can help you continue delivering your services with confidence.

Business Liability

At any time, a customer, a competitor, an innocent bystander, or even an employee could claim that your business did something wrong that harmed them or resulted in some sort of damage. It’s impossible to consider every accident that could get your business into trouble—which is why the THREE policy provides broad protection for your business. You can relax knowing that we’re here to help with legal counsel, and will work to settle covered claims quickly. Need something simple, like a Certificate of Insurance? Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of it.

THREE’s comprehensive policy replaces the need for separate policies to cover:

  • • General Liability
  • • Employment Practices Liability
  • • Fiduciary Liability
  • • Errors & Omissions
  • • Directors & Officers
  • • Liquor Liability

Business Interruption

There’s often a lot more to a property loss than just the loss of property. Receiving a check to pay for repairs is crucial, but often it’s not enough. If the impact of your incident lasts for more than a few days, THREE can cover the extra costs to get your business back up to speed. We can help with ongoing expenses like salary and rent during your recovery, and even make up lost net profit.

THREE’s comprehensive policy replaces the need for separate policies to cover:

  • • Business Income
  • • Extra Expense


The need for cyber security is greater than ever. Data breaches, which occur when information has been accessed without authorization, tend to be associated with large companies but every business is susceptible.


Though most general liability insurance won’t help recoup losses or legal fees associated with a breach, THREE does that and more. We’ll support you with crisis management, credit monitoring, data and system review, and recovery services. We also partner with cyber experts to provide coaching services to help guide you on next steps to protect your business and customers. And, of course, we’ll defend your business against any resulting liability claims.

THREE’s comprehensive policy replaces the need for individual coverage for things like:

  • • Data Breach
  • • Cyber Liability

Support for:

  • • Crisis Management
  • • Breach Notification Services
  • • Data, System Review and Recovery Services
  • • Credit Monitoring Services for Affected Parties
  • • Security Training

Your People

In addition to satisfying the Workers’ Compensation laws of your state, our comprehensive policy offers training and resources to help keep your people safe. Employees will know their safety is a priority and that in the event of a work-related injury, they will be cared for.

Workers’ Compensation

You can’t protect your business without protecting your people. Every THREE policy provides coverage that meets your state’s Workers’ Compensation requirements. Regardless of who’s at fault, Workers’ Compensation covers lost wages and medical treatment for an employee’s work-related injury or illness. We work with your business and medical providers to help your employees return to work as soon as possible.

THREE’s comprehensive policy includes Workers’ Compensation coverage, which covers:

  • • Lost Wages
  • • Medical Treatment

Support for:

  • • Worker Safety Placards
  • • Industry Specific Safety Training
  • • Return-to-Work Case Management
  • • Ergonomics

Your Property

THREE protects your property, providing coverage for accidents, damage, and loss. We also cover the costs necessary to get your business back up and running so you don’t miss a beat. And, since our straightforward policy has no fine print, you don’t have to worry about hidden sub-limits or other costly surprises.

Property & Assets

Your people are your business’s most important asset, but your physical assets are a close second. Your listed buildings are covered, whether they’re owned or leased, and all your other property and equipment are covered no matter where they’re located—on-site, off-site, in transit—anywhere in the world. THREE protects your property and assets from theft and damage caused by a range of perils, including wind and hail, fire and smoke, flood and water, and earthquakes and all they can trigger. Your business is also protected against a catastrophe from machinery or equipment breakdown or malfunction.

THREE’s comprehensive policy replaces the need for separate policies to cover:

  • • Fire
  • • Wind & Hail
  • • Flood & Water Damage
  • • Theft
  • • Earthquake
  • • Inland Marine
  • • Equipment Breakdown

Support for:

  • • Emergency Preparedness
  • • Work-site Management
  • • Fire & Damage Prevention Training
  • • Site Surveys
  • • Mock Inspections

Business Auto

Your business’s vehicles are literally what keep your business moving. If your business’s vehicles are damaged due to an accident, weather, or theft, you’ll be covered. Transporting your goods or someone else’s? That’s covered, too. And if someone claims your business’s vehicle is at fault, we can help defend and cover your liability.

THREE’s comprehensive policy replaces the need for separate policies to cover:

  • • Collision
  • • Auto Liability
  • • Comprehensive
  • • Cargo Liability
  • • Hired & Non-Owned

Depending on state laws, our coverage may include:

  • • Uninsured Motorists
  • • Personal Injury Protection
  • • No-Fault Medical Expense
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How THREE is different compared to typical business insurance:

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Assorted policies

  • Coverage gaps leave you underinsured
  • Overpaying for administrative and coverage overlap
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One comprehensive policy

  • Zero gaps between policies
  • Zero overlap

Complicated and confusing policy terms that require an agent and lawyer to decode

  • Pages of exclusions, sublimits, and loopholes
  • Uncertainty regarding policy terms and coverage
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Straightforward policy that regular people can actually understand

  • No fine print, nothing to hide
  • Confidence that you’ll have the coverage you need when you need it

Chasing multiple insurers for claims

  • With various insurers, claims can become a game of hot potato
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One insurer for hassle-free processing of all your claims

  • Updates are just one quick call away

Making the Transition Easy

Making the switch from a bunch of policies with different insurers may seem like a hassle, but THREE keeps it simple for you.


Pull together the information on your current policies. You don’t need the full policy, just the name of the insurer, the policy number, and expiration date.


Call 1-800-507-4495 and speak to a THREE Small Business Advisor. Give them all the details you gathered in Step 1. With your permission, the Advisor can send cancellation notices to your existing insurers on your behalf. You can also send your request and policy information to


Depending on your policies’ schedules, you’ll likely receive refunds from the other insurance companies for a portion of your premiums.

The Policy: 3 jargon-free pages

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