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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Your safety net against costly mistakes

THREE’s Errors & Omissions (also called Professional Liability) insurance helps protect your business from claims of negligence, such as failure to give proper advice or delivery of a faulty service. From tradespeople and IT professionals to financial advisors and project managers - everyone makes mistakes. That is why Errors & Omissions is part of THREE’s comprehensive policy.

Why do I need errors and omissions coverage?

Most business owners need Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance to protect their businesses from costly expenses if they are at fault for making a professional mistake or being professionally negligent. You can prevent paying entirely out-of-pocket if you or your employees are accused of causing professional or financial harm to another person or business by having E&O insurance.

Errors & Omissions Insurance Covers:
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Business mistakes

If you are accused of making a professional mistake that causes damage to a client

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Claims of negligence

If someone claims an error you made caused financial losses or personal harm to them

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Legal defense costs

If you need to hire lawyers and legal specialists to defend your business against a claim of professional oversight or wrongdoing

With a single comprehensive policy, THREE protects your business if it makes professional mistakes.

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Broad coverage for your business

A THREE policy automatically includes errors & omissions insurance and is essential to manage the reputation of your business and help cover some of the expenses for:

Legal fees

A client takes you to court because they claim that your professional oversights caused them financial losses on a project. You have done everything correctly, but have to fight a legal battle and pay hefty lawyer fees.

Failure to give correct advice

A client whose property you are working on claims you made errors during construction that cost them thousands of extra dollars. They sue you and you have to defend yourself in a lawsuit. Your THREE policy could cover some of these expenses.

Professional mistakes

One of your accountants incorrectly performs a financial statement analysis for a client.  Your THREE policy could help you defend your mistake.

THREE is different.
One policy, one bill, one call to file a claim.

Coverage with a typical Errors & Omissions policy

Coverage with THREE’s comprehensive policy

All the coverage your business needs, all in one comprehensive policy.

Instead of selling different types of policies to cover different parts of your business, we offer one policy to cover your entire business - your operations, your people and your property.

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PL and GL Insurance

My experience of procuring GL and PL insurance with THREE Insurance was easy, clean, efficient, and affordable. The people I interacted with were knowledgeable and helpful. The whole experience was more enjoyable than expected.

5 star rating

Donald L.

Inspired Guardian Consulting Services, LLC

Excellent Process from inquiry through sign-up. Very impressed with the immediate call back and ability to answer any questions, completing the transaction and providing all supporting documents and information in a timely manner.

5 star rating

James S.

Outstanding service

I had a great experience with Joseph Schaaf. I was inquiring about a new general and professional liability coverage and he answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail. He followed up with me and replied on my emails in a timely manner.

5 star rating

Sara G.

Fantastic Service and Professionalism

Great service from Michael J and follow through by Samantha S. They were knowledgeable and extremely polite and patient. The process of enrollment was quick and the offering was better than the insurance I had previously. Highly recommend Three!

5 star rating

Lars K.

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THREE protects your entire business with one comprehensive policy. Ready to get started?

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