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Cleaning & Janitorial Business Insurance

Get comprehensive insurance for your cleaning business.

THREE by Berkshire Hathaway makes cleaning business insurance easy. Our comprehensive policy protects your employees, property, and operations from risks unique to the janitorial and cleaning industry. THREE Insurance is designed to grow with your business, so when you add an outdoor cleaning service team, introduce a closet organizing service, add vehicles to expand your region, give us a quick call and we’ll update your coverage. No additional policies needed.

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Comprehensive cleaning and janitorial insurance

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Protect your People

Workers' Compensation

Your best employees and their work can quite literally shine. Appreciating those who make your business thrive is important, but protecting them and your business is essential. That is why THREE’s janitorial and cleaning insurance policy automatically includes Workers’ Compensation - to make sure you have the protection you need.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay bills associated with a work-related injury, including medical care and lost wages. It’s almost always required if you have employees.

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Protect your Business

Liability Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance

Owning a business comes with risk. Being unable to complete a job because of damage to your property and/or equipment, can be costly to your business and your reputation. Or if an employee accidentally damages an expensive item in a client's home, your business will be held liable for damages.

Commercial Auto Insurance will help with accident liability, injuries, and collision damage for your vehicles involved in work-related accidents. THREE’s liability coverage not only provides protection against customer property damage, but also employee practices and errors and omissions.

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Protect your Operations

Cyber Liability and Employee Theft

You’re doing everything right - running your cleaning business like a well-oiled machine. But sometimes, even machines hit a snag. Your computer system suffers a cyberattack. Or your employee steals from a client’s home. THREE’s coverage is designed to protect your operations with Cyber Liability and Employment Practices Liability.

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Why do I need insurance for my cleaning business?

Your best cleaning employee develops a repetitive strain injury in her back and is out on bed rest for 4 weeks. Workers’ Compensation will help pay for medical bills from their surgery and lost wages while they recuperate.

Your employee finishes cleaning the bathrooms in a client's home and sets down her tools at the end of the job. She didn't realize there was bleach residue on the bottom of the cleaning bucket when she put it down on the $10,000 rug. Liability insurance helps you defend your business when an employee makes a costly error.

A regular client complains of missing items in her home after service from your business. She watches the security camera footage and finds that your employee has been taking cash and jewelry from her home. Employee Theft Coverage will help you defend your business and cover expenses.

You didn’t expect your cleaning company to get hacked. Who would hack a cleaning company you think? Then your customer data - addresses, credit card information - gets stolen. Now you have the unpleasant task of letting your customers know their data may have been compromised. Luckily, Cyber Liability, is automatically included in THREE’s policy, and covers expenses of data breaches or other cyberattacks

The garage in which your vehicles, equipment and cleaning supplies are stored gets flooded in a big storm. The walls are soggy and your cleaning equipment has been ruined. You have to suspend your services and turn down dozens of jobs as a result. Property insurance protects the physical items your business owns, and will help with replacement and repair costs.

One of your cleaning vans gets in an accident on its way to provide services at a clients’ home. Your vehicle has to be towed away and your cleaning equipment inside the vehicle is damaged. Commercial Auto insurance will help with towing reimbursements, accident liability, and collision damage.

What are our customers saying?

Very Good Company To Work With.

Tony Yarbough was very helpful in guiding me through the process to get me all the coverage I wanted. The insurance company was straight forward and very easy to understand. I think all insurance companies should be like this one. He was able to save me money on the cost of it as well. I recommend him when I can.

5 star rating

Pete M. | 11/09/22

An Affordable and Comprehensive Policy With Great Service

I had an excellent experience ordering a THREE policy. Starting the process online was quick and relatively simple. The service I received over the phone was straightforward and personable. I obtained a quote quickly and found it be affordable. I like that the policy covers everything that I need for my LLC and can be expanded as my needs grow. If you are looking for comprehensive and affordable coverage with great service from the company, I highly recommend giving THREE a call.

5 star rating

Ken L. | 10/26/22

You all made it easy! Thank you!

It truly was a great experience from finding the website, digging into it and customer service from the rep that helped me. With all the other insurance people who tried to over sensationalize by telling me I was going to be hard to insure and because of that it was going to be expensive. You guys knocked it out of the park and made a grueling process easy and affordable.

5 star rating

Scott C. | 10/31/22

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All-in-one coverage for cleaning and janitorial business owners

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