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Business Insurance for Trade Contractors

Get comprehensive contractor business insurance.

THREE by Berkshire Hathaway makes business insurance for trade contractors easy. Our comprehensive policy protects your employees, property, and operations while letting you pursue your passion. THREE Insurance was created so you can take advantage of opportunities that come along. So if you decide to expand your services or business, give us a quick call and we'll make sure you have the coverage you need.

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Comprehensive insurance for trade contractors

Protect your People

Workers’ Compensation

Sometimes precautions aren’t enough. Accidents will happen, and when they do, it is critical to get your people back to work as quickly as possible. THREE’s insurance policy for trade contractors automatically includes Workers’ Compensation - to make sure your employees are protected at all costs.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps cover medical expenses for injuries and illnesses that happen to your employees on the job. It’s almost always required if you have employees.

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Protect your Property

Property Coverage

All job sites - big or small, put your tools, equipment, and vehicles at risk for damage, loss, or theft. Whether the basement of your carpentry business gets flooded, your plumbing shop gets damaged in a fire, or someone steals your van stocked with tools, THREE has you covered.

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Protect your Operations

Professional Liability

Working as a trade contractor means that you offer professional advice and/or services to clients while being held to the highest standard. Professional Liability Coverage, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, is a critical component of coverage for a contractor. If a client accuses you of making a mistake that causes financial harm to them, E&O insurance will help you defend your business against these claims - unfounded or not.

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Why do trade contractors need insurance?

One of your workers is visiting a client’s home to fix a frozen pipe. While getting out of the truck he slips on a patch of black ice, injuring himself badly enough to get a concussion. While he is on bedrest recovering, Workers’ Compensation will help pay for medical bills and lost wages.

You stop to pick up dinner after a long day on the job. You get back to your truck and find that the front window has been broken. The tools, equipment, parts, customer orders, and your computer are missing. Employee Theft Coverage will help you cover the costs of replacing lost items.

You have been perfecting your woodwork skills and finally found a storefront to sell your items. A fire begins in the neighboring store and destroys all your pieces, thousands of dollars worth of wood, and machinery are ruined. Property insurance protects the physical items your business owns, and will help with replacement and repair costs.

Your business’ accountant wires money from the company into their own bank account. No one likes to think of their employees as a source of theft or crime, but it is important to make sure your business is always protected with Employee Theft Coverage.

You get into an accident with another vehicle on your way to a job site or to deliver goods to a client’s home. Commercial Auto Insurance provides protection when you or an employee use owned or rented vehicles for work.

What are our customers saying?

Very Good Company To Work With.

Tony Yarbough was very helpful in guiding me through the process to get me all the coverage I wanted. The insurance company was straight forward and very easy to understand. I think all insurance companies should be like this one. He was able to save me money on the cost of it as well. I recommend him when I can.

5 star rating

Pete M. | 11/09/22

An Affordable and Comprehensive Policy With Great Service

I had an excellent experience ordering a THREE policy. Starting the process online was quick and relatively simple. The service I received over the phone was straightforward and personable. I obtained a quote quickly and found it be affordable. I like that the policy covers everything that I need for my LLC and can be expanded as my needs grow. If you are looking for comprehensive and affordable coverage with great service from the company, I highly recommend giving THREE a call.

5 star rating

Ken L. | 10/26/22

You all made it easy! Thank you!

It truly was a great experience from finding the website, digging into it and customer service from the rep that helped me. With all the other insurance people who tried to over sensationalize by telling me I was going to be hard to insure and because of that it was going to be expensive. You guys knocked it out of the park and made a grueling process easy and affordable.

5 star rating

Scott C. | 10/31/22

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All-in-one coverage for trade contractors

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