A better way to protect your small business.

THREE is a new kind of small business insurance. It was designed to protect your business—your people, your property, your operations—all of it, with one comprehensive insurance policy.

One partner one policy that Protects your business

One comprehensive insurance policy means no dangerous gaps between policies.

If you’ve been in business for more than a minute, you understand the importance of insurance. You may have policies to protect your vehicles, your workers, and your inventory. You probably have one for liability and maybe another for cyber. If you’re like most, you also have an insurance broker to help you stitch this all together. But having a lot of policies doesn’t mean you have the protection your business needs. Overlapping coverage and unforeseen gaps between policies are all too common, costly, and risky.

THREE does things differently. We don’t force you to navigate a bunch of different policies. We don’t expect you to purchase a portfolio of products. Instead we invite you to protect your business with one comprehensive, 3-page policy. One, we might add, that was designed to cost 20% less than comparable coverage.

One partner one policy that Evolves with your business (and the world)

Consistent coverage for your changing needs.

Running a business is risky. While some calculated risks are within your control, many are just out there, lurking. Twenty years ago, most people had never even heard of a cyberattack, let alone cyber insurance. Today it’s a top concern. We designed our comprehensive policy to protect against these and other evolving risks. Whether you’re concerned about dangers from new technologies or old-fashioned accidents, THREE has your business covered.


We don’t want to suggest that all changes are frightening. Some are wonderful, others are just part of running a business. So whether you need to make adjustments because you won a new contract, wrapped up a big project, or weathered the storm of the century, know that with THREE you’ll have the policy you need.

We anticipate more than just risk.

THREE looks beyond the risks to consider what your business does, or may do in the future—like a restaurant launching a cooking class or a salon serving alcohol. By truly understanding the industries we insure, we can better anticipate potential needs. So, when you see a new opportunity, you can grab it, not start filling out forms and calling all your insurance providers.

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One partner one policy that Provides expert advice

With just one policy, THREE doesn’t work with brokers. Instead, our licensed agents work as Small Business Advisors.

As experts in small business insurance they can answer your questions, accept your claim, and connect you with resources. And since we’ve replaced commissions with a commitment to exceptional service, your best interest is always our main concern.

Comparing insurance policies.

How do you compare our single 3-page policy with the multiple policies you have now? Our Small Business Advisors are trained to do just that.

Filing a claim.

When you call, you’ll be assigned an account manager to be in charge of your claim. They’ll keep it moving forward, making sure it doesn’t get stuck in processing limbo.

Service throughout.

If something goes wrong, we’ll help you identify and secure the services, equipment, or facilities you need to keep your business moving.

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