We’ve Hit Reset on Small Business Insurance.

Discover THREE

A new kind of small business insurance.

Protect your whole business with one comprehensive and simple 3-page policy.

No gaps between policies, no costly brokers, no lingering doubts. Just straightforward, jargon-free, easy-to-understand coverage.


After removing all the convoluted jargon, what’s left is a clear, easy-to-follow, 3-page description of your coverage.


You no longer need separate policies and insurers for your operations, your people, and your property. With THREE, there’s just one policy designed to protect your whole business.



Not only is THREE designed to cost 20% less than comparable coverage, it’s one policy priced for the specific risks of your business.

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Coverage Check-Up

Does your business have the protection it needs? This easy assessment tool can help you figure it out.

No loopholes and nothing to hide.

Discover how our straightforward, 3-page policy makes us different.

Multiple policies can leave you with costly overlaps and dangerous gaps between policies. With THREE, that’s never a concern.

We’ve hit reset on small business insurance.

Introducing THREE by Berkshire Hathaway.

With decades of experience and unmatched financial stability, we’ve hit reset on the industry to bring you a better way to insure your small business.

The Berkshire Hathaway insurance family

“There is no requirement that something important must be complicated.”
– Warren Buffett

The Berkshire Hathaway insurance family

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Protection for your business and your vision.

We understand your industry, its risks, and its possibilities.

Some insurers sell “tailored policies,” but they don’t always allow for expansion or contraction. Our comprehensive policy is built to accommodate the needs of your industry and priced to fit the needs of your small business.

Restaurants & Taverns


Residential Construction

Professional Financial Services

If you're ready...

for comprehensive instead of complicated…

for advisors who help instead of brokers who sell…

to focus on opportunities instead of obstacles…

to simplify your insurance with one jargon free policy…

you’re ready for THREE.

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